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Roofline is an important and integral part of any property improvement project which if overlooked, can be the cause of many a problem and structural headache in the near future.

Many existing property rooflines are constructed from timber, resulting in extensive rot, water leaks, unsightly overflow drainage stains and more importantly the possibility of lasting structural damage and defects.

Transform and Enhance your Home

Through the simple and cost effective replacements of your fascia. Soffits and guttering with our new high performance roofline, you can avoid these possible costly problems and both transform and enhance the aesthetic look and style of your home as well as increasing its overall resale value.

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Infinity’s high performance roofline is easy to install and is 100% weatherproof and maintenance free. Our cost effective roofline systems replace any existing aging and poorly maintained rainwater system. With an infinity roofline, unsightly water overflows, roof structure water penetration and possible structural damage are a thing of the past.

Infinity’s high performance roofline consists of the following four structural elements: Fascia, Soffits, Guttering and Downpipes. We provide full or partial replacement service dependent upon your individual roofline requirements. Need a Quote? Book your FREE Home Survey today.



Infinity High Performance Roofline Features
Wood & Rot Free UPVC Roofline
Both Traditional & Contemporary Options
Huge Choice of Colours & Finishes
Extreamly Hardwearing & Long lasting


Infinity High Performance Roofline Benefits
Professionally Installed
Insurance Backed Guarantee
100% Maintenance Free
Protects & Ventilates

Finish Options

Finish, Colours & Textures

Infinity’s high performance roofline systems are simple and quick to install, ideal for all residential houses as well as commercial buildings and offer a truly competitive cost option. Our roofline finishes come in a variety of colours, sytles and performance options to suit any home or business setting, resulting in an attractive roofline with a attractive and pleasing look. Need a Quote? Book your FREE Home Survey today.


Additional Features

Additional Infinity High Performance Roofline Features
100% Weather Resistant
Resistant to Pollutants
Resistant to Vermin and Insect Attack
Strong & Durable
No Painting Required

Additional Features

Additional Infinity High Performance Roofline Features
Instantly Improves the Appearance of your Home
No Cracking, Peeling or Warping
Resistant to Vermin and Insect Attack
Choose from a Huge Range of Shapes
Available in a Huge Choice of Colours

Additional Information

Additional Information

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