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The Infinity Instant EPDM Rubber Roofing Quote Calculator

The Infinity Instant Roofing Quote Calculator is designed to provide competitive and approximate prices for EPDM Rubber Replacement Flat Roofing and Felt Replacement Flat Roofing systems based on the information you provide. Though these prices are estimated online, they are comparable to prices to what we would offer in person. For more information, please call us on FREEPHONE : 0800 888 66 28


How to use our simple 3 Step Instant Flat Roof Quote Form

For help on how to use our simple 3 Steps online instant flat roof quote calculator, just click on the relevent steps below. Or call FREEPHONE : 0800 888 66 28 if you would like to speak to someone in person.

  1. 1
    Step 1 : Your Checklist

    Your Checklist:

    To use our Flat Roof Quote Calculator you only need 3 simple pieces of information.

    1. Is your proposed flat roof a freestanding building or is it connected to another building by one, two, three or four sides?
    2. The *length of your proposed flat roof (*Measured in meters)
    3. The *width of your proposed flat roof (*Measured in meters)

    Just tick the checkbox confirming that you would like a EPDM Rubber quote and click ‘Next’ to go to Step Two.

    *Important Information: Please take a moment to read:
    Please remember to use the metric system instead of imperial when measuring your flat roof’s width and length. Please also round up to the nearest whole meter (e.g. 185cm = 2m), as this will allow us to include for the maximum material you may require in your quote. We will make any necessary adjustment to the precise quantity of material required during our FREE onsite home survey, should you wish to proceed with your quote.

  2. 2
    Step 2 : Your Measurements

    Your Measurements:

    1. Enter your flat roof project type. Confirming whether it is freestanding or not.
    2. Enter your flat roof’s length.
    3. Enter your flat roof’s width.

    Click on the ‘Next’ button to calculate and generate your quote.

    *Information: Please take a moment to read:
    Please remember that the final cost of your roof installation may vary dependent upon the type of material used, actual roof size, access difficulty, insulation requirements and other details.

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    Step 3 : Your Quote

    Your Quote:

    Your individual quote has now been calculated based upon the information you added. Just let us know where to send your quote by adding your prefered contact details and it will be instantly emailed to you.

    That’s it. Free to use and with no obligation to buy.

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