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Peter Jarvis – Lichfield, Staffordshire – Felt Flat Roof Replacement


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Infinity Property Improvements :
Client : Peter Jarvis
Project : Lichfield, Staffordshire – Felt Flat Roof Replacement
Completeion : 2016

Introducing Infinity’s Felt Roof Replacement?

Felt, for a long time, has been the affordable workhorse for basic flat roof replacement. It’s ease of application and cost effective price point make felt one of the most widely used flat roof materials. It’s easy to apply and has substantial durable weatherproof qualities.

However, being widely used as the start point for affordable flat roof replacement, it can be easily forgotten that it still requires experienced installation and fitting.

Fit Once. Fit Infinity.

Unfortunately, if you choose the wrong one, the potential of a multitude problems and issues can arise. That’s the important difference between Infinity Property Improvements and other companies. We make selecting Infinity Property Improvements the intelligent choice.

There are many examples of felt being poorly applied resulting in repairs and replacement within a few years, if not a few months after the initial fitting. To ensure a successful and long lasting installation, enlisting the service of a skilled and professional fitting team is essential. Fit once. Fit Infinity

Virtually impossible to tear, and able to withstand the demands of extreme weather, Infinity roofing felt is the best option for a price conscience flat roof application. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, our felt roofing is ideal for all our customers’ individual needs. Need a Quote? Book your FREE Home Survey today.

  • Mineral & Aluminimum Options
  • 2 & 3 Layer Installation Options
  • Choice of Colours & Finishes
  • Extreamly Hardwearing & Long lasting
  • Professional Installation Teams
  • 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • Maintenance Free Life Cycle
  • Fully Insured Installation Process


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  1. Technical Details

    Simple, Efficient and Hassle Free

    Here at Infinity Property Improvements, we pride ourselves on not only our use of the high quality products and materials, but our ability to provide a truly individual and personal service to all off our customers. We understand what it takes to make the installation of your new roof replacement simple, efficient and hassle free.

    With many years of experience with fitting new roof replacements for our ever growing list of satisfied customers, we can provide an affordable installation with high quality products only matched by our unmatched customer service.

    Finish Options

    Finish, Colours & Textures

    We tend to spend an inordinate amount of both time, effort and money personalising the insides of our home to achieve the desired look and feel. By turning a house in to a home both compliments and reflects your individual personality and lifestyle.

    However, besides the garden, the outside of a home seems to fall into the functional rather that aesthetic, which is a pity as the first thing a person see of your home is the outside, with the roof taking up a considerable proportion. As first impressions tend to be the lasting ones, a good initial impression is essential in providing an indication of what awaits inside.

    When it comes to replacing your roof, our huge choice of colours, textures and finishes should be more than enough to provide a positive first impression whilst still reflecting your home’s individual design and style. Make a positive first impression today.

    Need a Quote? Book your FREE Home Survey today.

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